Help build a better future! is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the promotion iof responsible and ethical use of AI and exponential technologies to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

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The foundation has its roots in traditional Norwegian values of trust, fairness and equality. The foundation aims to be a leading force in positioning Norway as an important part of the global AI community and support public and private stakeholders nationally and internationally in managing the risks inherent to large-scale adoption of transformative technology.

Working with us

The foundation sponsors research, advocates for ethical best practices, and promotes knowledge-sharing through events and workshops for public and private stakeholders.

Research and Advocacy

We sponsor and promote research into the potential benefits and risks inherent to the large-scale adoption of exponential technology, both in the short and long term.

Events and Workshops

We promote ethical best practices and knowledge-sharing through events and workshops for public and private stakeholders.

Technology and Ethics Advisory

We offer access to some of the best advisors within the AI and exponential technology field.


Network has a powerful network of founders, academics and field expertise to support idea generation and help private and public stakeholders take an ethical and socially responsible approach to adoption of new technology.

Impact Investing resources

We provide support for the impact investment field at large on impact management and measurement in early stage technology investment.

AI Ethics for Startups will be a leading voice in ethical AI startup culture, and help practically guide and inform startups on ethical practices.

We focus a lot on Artificial Intelligence - we think Norway should too!


Funding is funded by the founders of the impact investing ecosystem Katapult, and private and public donors.

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Help us solve the Earth’s most pressing problems through the use of exponential technologies and AI.

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